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Our study groups bring Dubsado users together for extra motivation and accountability as you make your way through the short, daily lessons we've laid out for you.

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Study Group & How it Works


To make sure you're getting set up properly, Study Groups are hosted by our very own education team here at Dubsado. Because we're all hands on deck for study groups, they are only opened a few times each year.

Here's how it works - Every day (Monday-Thursday) you'll have a short, 20-30 minute lesson that walks you through setting up a specific part of your Dubsado account. The lesson is pre-recorded so you can watch it at whatever time of day works best for your schedule and so that we here at Dubsado are available for questions should you have any. 

If you miss a day, Friday is set aside as our "catch up" day.

You'll also be a part of an exclusive study group on Facebook where you'll connect with other Dubsado users and be able to ask questions. 

Lastly, you'll have the option to attend live Q+A sessions with Cameron from the Dubsado Education team.


Dubsado Study Group



Time Commitment: ~25 mins a day (Mon-Thurs) for 3 weeks

Daily Lessons

Private Facebook Group for support and accountability

LIVE Q&A sessions

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Let's set up Dubsado together.

Study Group is extra helpful if you're a hands-on learner and benefit from being shown exactly what to do!

Study Group covers your basic Dubsado settings all the way to automated workflows. We have a beginner study group, intermediate study group, and advanced study group.

"This guided method with daily emails and checklist really, really helped me take it in small steps instead of being overwhelmed."

- Past Study Group Student

"Cameron is such an engaging presenter, he makes the learning interesting. And he’s great during the [ live Q+A sessions ], I always looked forward to going."

- Past Study Group Student

"I really felt support from the team with learning and using Dubsado!"

- Past Study Group Student


Want to be set up and operating in Dubsado in just 3 weeks? Join us!

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