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Ready to go from student to master in Dubsado?

Learn how to DIY the account of your Dubsado dreams with our three self-guided courses. Featuring the same content we use to train our own employees, these lessons build understanding and confidence at every level. Not sure where to start? Take our course placement quiz.

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Dubsado Beginner

Perfect for brand new Dubsado users

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Dubsado Intermediate

Perfect for Dubsado users who have already mastered projects, forms, and schedulers

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Dubsado Advanced 

Perfect for Dubsado users who have already built a successful workflow and want to keep learning

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Dubsado Beginner Course

Perfect for brand new Dubsado users

The Dubsado Beginner Course starts with a big-picture view of what's possible, and provides a roadmap for your account setup journey. Then we dive in to step-by-step instructions for customizing a Dubsado account that fits your business from the very beginning. Say goodbye to spinning your wheels in the dark - we've got you covered on all things projects, settings, forms, getting paid, and scheduling.

What the beginner course includes...

This course includes six units:

  • Unit 1: Dubsado Education
  • Unit 2: Get Started in Your Account
  • Unit 3: Organize with Projects
  • Unit 4: Create with Forms
  • Unit 5: Get Paid
  • Unit 6: Book with Schedulers

Total viewing time: 4 hours

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What past students are saying...

"Thank you for preparing such a thorough and actionable step-by-step process. This goes way beyond just a webinar or a YouTube tutorial, and I just wanted to express my gratitude to the team for putting in the effort to create such a well-produced and useful course."

"It's helping me to set up my back-end processes without getting overwhelmed. Thank you!!"

"This course was a game changer for me. Without it, there is no telling how long it would have taken me to get moving on creating and sending contracts to my clients."

Dubsado Intermediate Course

Perfect for Dubsado users who have already mastered projects, forms, and schedulers

Building on your knowledge from the Dubsado Beginner Course, the Dubsado Intermediate Course shows how basic templates, plus a carefully-tested business process, come together in awe-inspiring workflow automation. Let's get those annoying repetitive tasks under control!

What past students are saying...

"Really loved it. It's one of the best trainings I've done."

"I really liked having the step-by-step in video format. It was well broken down in the sections so I was able to follow along without it feeling like it was dragging."

"I just love learning how I can take my Dubsado skills to the next level! You all made it super easy to follow, easy to digest and easy to understand!"

"This course has truly opened my eyes into what's possible and I'm much more confident now than I was before. Thank you!"

What the intermediate course includes...

This course includes four units:

  • Unit 1: Define Your Process
  • Unit 2: Test Drive the Client Experience
  • Unit 3: Automate with Workflows Pt. 1
  • Unit 4: Automate with Workflows Pt. 2

Total viewing time: 2 hours 20 minutes

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Dubsado Advanced Course

Perfect for Dubsado users who have already built a successful workflow and want to keep learning

The Dubsado Advanced Course is a collection of high-level training at a faster pace. These lessons will help you to truly master our platform, including finer-point details like multi-user capability, international settings, workarounds, and industry-specific setups. Geared toward those offering Dubsado Setup Services and structured more casually than our other courses, the Dubsado Advanced Course is a great resource for filling in the final pieces of your Dubsado puzzle.

P.S. If you're just getting started with workflows, check out the Dubsado Intermediate Course.

What the advanced course includes...

This course includes:

  • 20-40 minute lessons taught by Dubsado employees and guest instructors
  • Expert information on lesser-documented features, including multi-users, task boards, bookkeeping, data migration, and international settings
  • Advice for running a Dubsado Setup Business, including marketing, sales, finances, and client meetings

Total viewing time: 13 hours

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What past students are saying...

"I am a visual and kinesthetic learner and this course was exactly what I needed to get set up properly."

"The course is very thorough - it even answered questions I didn't know I had."

"These lessons make everything so easy and doable!"

"Grateful to have new ideas on how I can organize things.  Really loving this 'bite sized' approach to Dubsado."

Just a few of the many great lessons in the
Advanced Course...

Setting up Virtual VIP Days with Dubsado

Jordan Gill

Driving Traffic to Your Website & Brand with a Lead Magnet

Dolly DeLong

Owning It: How to Keep Your Business Protected and Legally Legit

Joey Vitale

How to Set Up the Dubsado Scheduler for a 1:1 Coaching Program

Krystal Clark

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