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Dubsado Intermediate Course

Perfect for Dubsado users who have already mastered projects, forms, and schedulers!

Building on your knowledge from the Dubsado Beginner Course, the Dubsado Intermediate Course shows how basic templates, plus a carefully-tested business process, come together in awe-inspiring workflow automation. Let's get those annoying repetitive tasks under control!

This course includes four units:

• Unit 1: Define Your Process
• Unit 2: Test Drive the Client Experience
• Unit 3: Automate with Workflows Pt. 1
• Unit 4: Automate with Workflows Pt. 2

Total Viewing Time: 2 hours, 20 minutes

Course is free.  Use code: FREECOURSE to access.  Just had to block bots from signing up ;)

What students are saying:

Even though I have been using Dubsado for a while, there were still so many great tips that I wasn't aware of and that will improve processes for myself and my clients.

Vicky Smith

I really liked having the step-by-step in video format. It was well broken down in the sections so I was able to follow along without it feeling like it was dragging.

Louise McClure

This course has truly opened my eyes into what's possible and I'm much more confident now than I was before. Thank you!

Hollie Nash

This course was needed and necessary. It provided clarity and made me feel less overwhelmed by the daunting process of setting up my account. It gave me so much confidence once completed.

Judene McCalla

Really loved it. It's one of the best trainings I've done.

Nina Taylor

Really great overview, thank you for putting it together for those of us who were having a hard time getting started with Dubsado.

Sarah Jean Wilson