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You could win a FREE lifetime plan with Dubsado

We are giving away 5 FREE FOREVER plans ($1000 value each) to five lucky winners. But don't worry, everyone who enters will get a little thank you something from us.  

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What is a forever plan? 🧐

The Dubsado Forever Plan, when it was offered, was a plan where you can buy Dubsado outright (value: $1000). It was a hot commodity. I mean how cool? No more monthly or yearly fees. Well in this giveaway it means you're getting a lifetime of Dubsado, completely free. More details about our Forever Plan terms and conditions here

📌 How to enter:


Step 1: Publish a Post

Post using one of our prompts to your Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Blog. More details on how to below. 

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Step 2: Fill out our entry form

Once posted, you can fill out our entry form listed on this page with a link to your published post.

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Step 3: Repeat

You can publish multiple posts on different days as long as you fill out an entry form each time for it! 

Entry form

❤️ Everyone is a winner but only 5 get a forever plan!

Everyone who enters the giveaway will receive a little something from us in the mail*, but only five winners will receive the forever plan.  

*The little something that we are sending in the mail will be sent to you within about 3-6 days of entry. We will send it to ALL entries, but once in the hands of the USPS, we cannot guarantee its delivery.

Step 1: Publish a post

Choose one these options or all. It is up to you! Enter as many times as you'd like as long as the post is different. Post must be new and posted in the last two weeks or sooner ;)


IG Post, Reel or TikTok (2 entries)

Post on your Instagram feed, Reel or TikTok.  For inspiration, you can use one of the prompts listed below. For IG, choose a photo of your liking or choose from ours in your affiliate section of Dubsado. Although we love them, IG stories do not count as an entry for this giveaway. 


Facebook Post (1 entry)

Post on your Facebook one of the prompts listed below.Choose a photo of your liking or choose from ours in your affiliate section of Dubsado. Counts as 1 (one) entry. 




Blog Post (3 entries)

Write a post using one of the prompts listed below. Choose from our photos for the post or choose your own! Blogging counts as 3 (three) entries!



Prompt ideas

Just a few examples of some prompts to use.

  • How Dubsado has helped your business  
  • Why you switched from another platform to Dubsado 
  • How you use Dubsado to manage your business 
  • Your favorite feature and how you use it
  • Or come up with your own little something  

Don't forget to share your affiliate code in these so you can get credit for those that you refer.

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Winners will be announced soon.

⏱ Giveaway Countdown

Giveaway ends Feb. 26th at 2pm pt. Winners will be announced on a live through our Instagram and Facebook shortly after. 










So, who is ready to win a forever plan?

Enter to win

Terms and Conditions

The "Birthday Sale" is only valid from Monday, February 22nd at 10am pt to Friday, February 26th at 2:00pm pt. During that time no code is required. But to take advantage of the plan, you must subscribe to a paid plan during that time. Just signing up for a trial does not count. Once the sale is over, we cannot honor it for any more accounts. Reduced monthly and yearly rates are for new accounts only. If you signed up for an account in the last 30 days, we are happy to honor the sale price.  

Referrals must sign up for a paid account during Monday, February 22nd at 10am pt to Friday, February 26th at 2:00pm pt, just a trial does not count. They must be on a paid plan. If they miss the deadline and do not purchase a paid plan during that time, we cannot honor the double credit...only regular credits will apply.  

The "Forever Plan Giveaway" is open for entry Monday, February 22nd at 10am pt to Friday, February 26th at 2:00pm pt. For the entry to be complete all steps must be taken.